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Military Services:  National Guard
Photo: National Guard.

The National Guard is the oldest military branch with roots dating back to 1636, when ordinary citizens would protect their families and towns from hostile attacks. Today, National Guard Soldiers typically hold civilian jobs or attend college and train part time in the ARNG. National Guard Soldiers, have two missions, defend their state, such as during times of natural disaster and defend our country during time of war.

Citizen-Soldiers respond to state domestic emergencies, such as floods, fires, and other disasters. National Guard Soldiers also deploy overseas and may see combat, but because they also bring unique civilian skills as well as Army training, they are just as likely to build schools and hospitals, train local peacekeepers, or teach local farmers more efficient techniques to grow food on their land.


The information provided here is just an overview of the vast opportunities available in the Army National Guard. Contact the local National Guard recruiter for more information or visit

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