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Military Services:  Marine Corps
Photo: collage of marines standing in front of the Iwo Jima Monument, a male and a female soldiers, and the Marine Corps logo.

The United States Marine Corps has two missions; to make Marines and win battles. Comprised of smart, adaptable men and women, the Corps has served as the aggressive tip of the American military spear since its inception in 1775. Often thought of as "First to Fight", the Marines are a smaller, more dynamic force than any other in the American arsenal. Marines operate around the world as America's quick strike expeditionary force, ready at a moment's notice to effectively insert elite warriors into any situation in any place that calls for it. Marines are trained to attack enemies from the air, land and sea with a fury unmatched by any other military organization in the world. And the men and women who join do so because they have always known they belong among kindred spirits.

The Marines are part of the Department of the Navy and operate in close cooperation with the U.S. naval forces at sea. The Marine Corps' mission is unique among the armed services. Marines serve on U.S. Navy ships, protect naval bases, guard U.S. embassies and provide a quick, ever-ready strike force to protect U.S. interests anywhere in the world. All Marines can move on short notice to match up with equipment stored on floating bases on the world's oceans. This remains an essential capability for our country.

To perform the many duties of the Marine Corps, approximately 178,000 Marines excel at everything they do. Their intense training and drive for excellence is world-renowned. The self-discipline and abilities gained in Recruit Training pour over into 300 different individual specialties in which they may become an expert. Each year, the Marine Corps recruits approximately 40,000 men and women to fill openings in its numerous career fields. Whether operating a 60-ton tank, setting up a communications outpost or maintaining an F/A-18 fighter jet, every role on the team is essential to our mission. In addition, the Marine Corps accepts approximately 1,500 new officers into its ranks to lead them. As important as enlisted Marines are to the Marine Corps, Marine Officers are essential to success.


The above information provides the general scope of enlistment policies, recruit training, follow-on training, and educational opportunities found in the Marine Corps today. Young men and women who are interested in joining the Marine Corps can contact a Marine recruiter by calling 1-800-MARINES or logging onto our website at

The Marine Corps Seal
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