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Military Services:  Coast Guard
Photo: collage of five coast guards on the beach, a female guard, patrolling helicopter and boat, and the Coast Guard logo.

The Coast Guard constantly performs its mission of protecting America's coastlines and inland waterways by enforcing customs and fishing laws, combating drug smuggling, conducting search and rescue missions, maintaining lighthouses, and promoting boating safety. The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Transportation; in time of war it may be placed in the Department of Defense under the command of the Navy. A vital part of the Armed Services, the Coast Guard has participated in every major American military campaign. With a work force of about 5,580 commissioned officers, 1,490 warrant officers, and 27,130 enlisted members, Coast Guard personnel perform in many different occupations to support the missions of the Coast Guard. Each year, the Coast Guard has openings for more than 4,000 men and women in a wide range of challenging careers.


Although the preceding section gives a general overview of the Coast Guard and its programs, it by no means covers the wide range of opportunities available in the Coast Guard. Your local Coast Guard recruiter would be pleased to supply you with more detailed Coast Guard career information or visit

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