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Survival Equipment Specialist — Bryan Greene

Bryan Greene

I came to the Army right out of high school. My father was iin the Army and I always knew that I’d join. I thought that the military would provide a good foundation for me. I went to boot camp at Fort Knox, KY.

I started out as a tank operator on an M683 tank. As an armored crewman, I learned teamwork, how to work with another group of individuals to complete a mission. I went to Colorado Springs as my first duty station and stayed there for three years.

Then, I left the military. I always had an interest in music so a friend of mine recommended that I go into radio broadcasting. I started out doing an internship at a local radio station in Colorado Springs and began my career.

After 15 years as a radio broadcaster, I started missing the brotherhood that the Army offers. I reenlisted and went through basic training again. I was stationed in Fort Stewart, GA, in the air defense artillery squadron. I learned how to operate a Stinger which is a surface-to-air missile designed to shoot down airplanes.

I got interested in jumping out of airplanes so I reeinlisted again and became a parachute maintenance technician. I’ve been jumping for six years and this is my fourth year on the Golden Knights. I travel about 280 days of the year. On a daily basis, I repair and maintain the parachute systems within our team. Common problems include folds in the canopies and stitching that gets undone.

I enjoy being a part of the Golden Knights. I like both solo and group jumping. It’s something that you have to experience, that euphoric feeling. Once the parachute opens up, it’s so peaceful up in the air. I’m relaxed, looking at the scenery. It’s beautiful.

My aspiration in the civilian world is to become a nurse. I’m working on a nursing a degree now. The Army has educational opportunities through its eArmy distance learning program. Since I’m always on the road, this is a great way to get my education.

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