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Infantry Officer -- Wayne Garvey

Wayne Garvey

Growing up in a small town in Texas, I enjoyed working outdoors and knew I would like the life of a soldier. During my ROTC training at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), I heard an infantry officer talk about his profession. I was impressed by his orientation to people and the emphasis the Army places on individual and team effort, professionalism, and dedication.

I graduated from VMI, earning a commission in the Reserves. I qualified for a delayed entry to active duty, and used the time to go to law school. After admission to the bar, I began active duty. My first assignment following basic infantry and airborne training was to the 101st Airborne, Fort Campbell, KY, as a weapons platoon leader. I also served as a company executive officer and as battalion adjutant, monitoring administration.

My next tour was in the Middle East as a platoon leader during Operation Desert Storm. I led my platoon into many combat actions and earned several decorations, including the silver star, the nation’s third highest award for gallantry. I also spent part of this tour on the headquarters staff before returning home. During this tour, I advanced to captain.

With my service obligation complete, I left the Army. I practiced law and was very successful. But I missed the Army every day of those 2 years. I made the decision with my wife to return to Army life.

Shortly after my return to the Army, I was assigned to the Army Military Academy at West Point where I taught military tactics. Since West Point, I have served several tours on various Army staffs; in one tour I assigned infantry officers to positions throughout the world. I also commanded an infantry battalion in Korea. This was a real milestone, a real highlight of my career to date. Recently selected for the highest level officers’ courses at the Army War College, I have to say that even the bad days have been good. I have really enjoyed my career.

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