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Public Information Officer-- Francisco Hamm

Francisco Hamm

I’m a military brat, born and raised overseas, but I didn’t always know that I’d go into the military. In college, I decided to join Air Force ROTC and saw that the military could be an option. I was a broadcast journalism major and I was looking to get into film and television production. What attracted me to the Air Force was the fact that it had a very robust film and television career field.

My first assignment was at Carswell Air Force Base in Texas where I was a producer and director for an audiovisual detachment. I created information/educational films and television productions for internal Air Force use. During this time, I also got my Masters of Liberal Arts degree.

From there I moved to Charleston Air Force Base as an officer in the first Combat Camera Squadron. Combat Camera teams deploy all over the world and document military operations, exercises, and humanitarian efforts. I was in Panama, Haiti, and Somalia, working with joint Service Comcam teams of videographers and still photographers.

After this assignment, I went into public affairs. I had assignments in South Carolina, Washington, DC., and England. As a public affairs officer, I coordinated base events, arranged media interviews, and conducted media training for the senior leaders. I oversaw the production of the base newspapers, too, and was also responsible for community relations programs.

My best deployment so far has been Iraq. This came about during my time in England when I was the Chief of Public Affairs in the 48th fighter wing. I was chosen to represent the Coalition Provisional Authority for an advertising campaign in Iraq. I supervised the production of three television commercials designed to educate Iraqis about democracy and elections. I was working with people from many different nations on something that had meaning. These commercials aired on Arabic television stations, and also in newspapers and on billboards. It was a dream come true because I always wanted to work in commercials and film. I had the opportunity to do all these things and serve my country at the same time.

Now, I’m at the headquarters staff level, working as the Chief of Integrated Marketing for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs and serve as the Marketing director for the Pentagon Channel. The channel started two years ago and I’ve been able to help it grow. My job is to market the channel and its various programming, which includes military news and documentaries. We are always exploring new ways--such as podcasting--to get our programming out to a larger audience.

The beautiful thing about the public affairs career field is that it offers excellent leadership, travel and educational opportunities. After a few years in the field, you really are a seasoned communicator and have a portfolio with a breadth of experience. If another overseas assignment presents itself, I would take it. When I’m overseas in Europe or Asia, I feel comfortable but wherever the Air Force thinks they need my skills, that’s where I’ll go.

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