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Featured Profile for Helicopter Mechanic

Cory Lutzow

My Dad served 28 years in the US Air Force working on Jet fighters. I always thought that was so cool so I decided to follow in his footsteps.

After spending four years in JROTC in high school I knew I wanted a career in the military. So, shortly after graduation I joined the Air Force. I completed basic training and was stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina where I learned the ins-and- outs of air craft mechanics and the importance of doing the job right the first time.

My next station was with the Royal Air Force in Lakenheath, England. There I worked on F-15, F-16, and A-10 Aircrafts. I worked on several different aircrafts in the Air Force and I found myself wanting to extend my expertise and specialize in helicopter maintenance so, I made the decision to leave the Air Force and join the Army.

Making the switch is not hard. The Military has a “blue to green program” which allows airmen to transfer over to become soldiers. In my case, I just went and talked with an Army National Guard recruiter and he helped me with all the paperwork.

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and hold two MOSs: 15U (Chinook repairer) and 15T (Blackhawk repairer). When I get back from this deployment I will put in my Warrant Officer package so I can go to flight school and learn to fly the helicopters I work on every day.

The training I have received in the Military is priceless. Apart from my technical training that allows me to diagnose and repair aircrafts, I have learned many other valuable skills; for example, how to work effectively as a team in order to successfully accomplish a mission; how to be an effective leader; and how to be confident and never second guess myself.

I think I’ll serve 20 years in the military, maybe more if they’ll let me. I really love what I do and could not think of anything better. I have thought about opening my own garage to work on cars and motorcycles when the day comes that I do retire from the military.

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