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Featured Profile for Special Forces Officer

Angelo Johnson

Having grown up in Alabama, by the time I got to college I was ready for something different; an adventure, a challenge that would take me somewhere new. I studied at Alabama A&M University and was commissioned into the US Army after graduating. While serving as an Airborne Engineer Company Executive Officer, my First Sergeant said to me, “if you want to be part of a flexible, adaptable, responsive, force of the future, you need to attend Special Forces Selection.” And I did. As a Special Forces Officer, I have served in many positions over the course of my career including Advisor to the Commander of the Basrah Operations Command, a 70,000 member Iraqi Security Force Command responsible for the security of the 9 provinces in southern Iraq. Currently, I am serving as the Special Forces Advisor for the Kuwaiti Special Forces.

I have participated in extensive tactical and technical proficiency training including the Special Forces Qualification Course, the Survival Escape Resistance and Evasion (SERE) Course, the Air Assault Course, and the Jumpmaster Course, but the most enjoyable training I have experienced has been language and cultural orientation. Speaking Arabic and understanding the Arab culture is so vastly different from growing up in Alabama, it has truly opened a completely new and enlightened view of the world in which we live. The training, education, and experience I have gained through my years of service provided me the opportunity to participate in the Iraqi and Kuwaiti Key Leader Engagement (KLE) Meeting in August of 2010. Here, as a personal and professional associate of the Iraqi Commanding General, I was able to play a small but crucial role in Iraqi/Kuwaiti KLE bringing together these nations 20 years after the 1990-91 Gulf War.

The military has taught me that strong, positive, focused leadership is the key to motivating those around you to succeed. When those around me succeed, I get excited because I know I have played a role in helping them develop skills that will benefit them long after their days in the military are over.

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