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Physician--Anthony Rugieri

Anthony Rugieri

I always enjoyed biology and wanted to become a doctor. I chose the Army because of the educational opportunities it offered for obtaining a medical degree. The Army internship gave me a chance to rotate in departments and to practice many medical specialties in different countries.

My first assignment was directing emergency room services at a large hospital near Washington, D.C. After that, I took on a challenging assignment as a combat doctor during Operation Desert Storm. When I returned from the Middle East, I was selected for a fully-funded advanced training program in Internal Medicine and then worked with the Office of the Army Surgeon General in Washington, D.C.

I also enjoyed a tour of duty in Germany, where I was the Chief of Internal Medicine at an Army hospital. During my stay in Germany, I qualified for certification in Family Practice, a new program in military medicine. As one of the first doctors qualified, I returned to the United States and became the Chief of Family Services at a large hospital on the East Coast. I also directed a residency program for doctors in advanced training. Today, I am a Colonel directing quality assurance for the Surgeon General of the Army. One of the best things about my career has been the opportunity to work in many different jobs. I am always looking forward to my next assignment.

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