Military jobs you may not have thought about.
Audiovisual and Broadcast Technician
Audiovisual and broadcast technicians perform many tasks, ranging from filming to script editing to operating audio recording devices.

Dietitians are experts in the nutritional needs of hospital patients and outpatients. They manage medical food service facilities and plan meals for hospital patients and outpatients.

Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Environmental health and safety officers study the air, ground, and water to identify and analyze sources of pollution and its effects. They also direct programs to control safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Military firefighting units are responsible for protecting lives and property on base from fire. Firefighters put out, control, and help prevent fires in buildings, aircraft, and aboard ships.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Graphic designers and illustrators produce graphic artwork, drawings, and other visual displays. for publications, newspapers, reports, and promotional materials. Graphic artwork is also used in TV and film productions.

Optometrists examine eyes and treat vision problems by prescribing glasses, contact lenses, or other corrective treatments They refer patients with eye diseases to ophthalmologists (eye medical doctors).

Legal Specialist and Court Reporter
Legal specialists and court reporters assist military lawyers and judges in legal and judicial work. They perform legal research, prepare legal documents, and record legal proceedings.

Life Scientist
Life scientists study the biology and chemistry of living organisms, and also conduct studies of human and animal diseases to understand their causes and to find treatments.

Meteorological Specialist
Meteorological specialists collect information about weather and sea conditions for use by meteorologists. They make visual observations and take readings from weather equipment, radar scans, and satellite photographs.

Musicians and singers perform in service bands, orchestras, and small groups. Service bands and vocal groups have a strong tradition of performing at ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals, and dances.
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