Careers in this Job Family
Caseworkers and Counselors
Religious Program Specialists
Social Workers
Counseling, Social Work, and Human Services
Photo 1: Counselor debriefs with soldiers after mission. Photo 2: Counselor provides advice.

Whether on land at domestic or foreign bases, hundreds of miles out to sea aboard a ship or submarine, in a hospital, or in the field, there is a great need to provide moral, spiritual, and emotional support and guidance for military personnel and their families throughout the world. Military life can create stresses, such as for young people away from home for the first time, separation from loved ones, combat situations, and prolonged overseas deployments. Just like some civilians, some military personnel need assistance with various problems or concerns, including career decisions, family issues, substance abuse, or emotional problems, that may be caused by stressful conditions. Occupations in this career field focus on providing therapeutic services and support to individuals and groups who may be experiencing difficulties or displaying symptoms of distress or trauma, such as psychological problems, substance abuse, or marital or family problems.

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