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Building Electricians
Heavy Equipment Operators
Construction Specialists
Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
Surveying, Mapping, and Drafting Technicians
Civil Engineers
Construction, Building, and Extraction
Photo 1: Construction workers put up building frame. Photo 2: Construction specialist sands down window frame.

Each year, the military completes hundreds of construction, renovation, maintenance, and building projects all over the world, such as airstrips, docks, barracks, roads, bridges, buildings, power plants, and water treatment plants. Whether designing a high-tech communications center in the middle of the jungle, surveying a critical airstrip location, or drawing blueprints for a port facility on a Pacific island, military construction, building, and extraction workers must have strong technical, analytical, and creative building skills. Occupations in this career field focus on applying basic engineering principles and the knowledge of materials, methods, equipment, and tools involved in the construction or repair of military buildings and related structures.

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