Careers in this Job Family
Avionics Technicians
Electronic Instrument and Equipment Repairers
Communications Equipment Operators
Radar and Sonar Operators
Telecommunications Managers
Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians
Photo 1: Technologist reviews radar screen. Photo 2: Technician inspects aircraft communications.

The military uses high-tech communications equipment in order to uphold everyday operations and promote national security, such as detecting enemy radar signals, tracking aircraft, missiles, ships, and submarines, flying and landing aircraft, operating global satellite telecommunications systems, forecasting weather, and working with highly classified and coded information. With U.S. national security as a priority, the military needs highly intelligent, capable people who can operate and maintain this sophisticated equipment to receive, process, transmit, and analyze a vast array of information. Occupations in this career field focus on the operation and maintenance of sophisticated communications and electronics systems that use a variety of technologies and equipment, such as radios, telephones, antennas, satellites, radar, sonar, and avionics. These jobs would occur in several environments, including command and control centers and onboard ships, submarines, or aircraft.

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