Careers in this Job Family
Administrative Support Specialists
Medical Record Technicians
Administrative Officers
Health Services Administrators
Management Analysts and Planners
Purchasing and Contracting Managers
Business Administration and Operations
Photo 1:
Administrators review business data.
Photo 2: Analysts look over operations materials.

The military is a large organization that performs a wide range of activities in locations all over the world. The success of many military activities and operations depends on the effective management, coordination, and execution of numerous administrative functions, such as records management for equipment, funds, personnel, supplies, and other military operations; mail distribution and delivery; policy and strategic planning; facilities management; procurement (contracts and purchasing); and management of hospital or clinic departments in (e.g., emergency, X-ray, nursing, maintenance, administration, and food service). Occupations in this career field focus on planning, organizing, managing, and supporting the organizational functions and processes required to run military administrative operations.

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