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Flight Operations Specialists
Air Crew Members
Air Traffic Controllers
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialists
Flight Engineers
Air Traffic Control Managers
Airplane Navigators
Airplane Pilots
Helicopter Pilots
Photo 1: Man walks across airplane wing.
Photo 2: Helicopter pilot stands outside her aircraft.

The military uses aircraft of all types and sizes for combat and intelligence missions, emergency search and rescue of personnel, transport of troops and equipment, and long-range bombing missions. Thousands of aircraft take off and land from land bases or aircraft carriers all over the world. Each successful mission requires the support of well-trained air and ground crews to operate some of the most modern, innovative, and high-tech aircraft in the world, including jets, helicopters, bombers, tankers, and turbo-propellors. Occupations in this career field focus on the in-flight and ground support operations for the transport of personnel and materials for airborne missions.

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