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Preventive Maintenance Analysts
Sales and Stock Specialists
Cargo Specialists
Petroleum Supply Specialists
Transportation Specialists
Vehicle Drivers
Warehousing and Distribution Specialists
Logisticians and Transportation Managers
Store Managers
Supply and Warehousing Managers
Transportation, Supply, and Logistics
Photo 1: Warehouse specialists unload truck. Photo 2: Helicopter drops off supplies.

The military is a large, mobile force consisting of aircraft, tanks, trucks, ships, submarines, and other equipment, and hundreds of thousands of service men and women—all continually on the move. Ships, aircraft, trucks, buses, vans, and trains are all part of the military’s transportation system. Keeping the armed forces ready and able to travel anywhere and everywhere in the world safely and efficiently requires strategic planning and strong organizational and troubleshooting skills. It is essential to effectively coordinate and carry out the movement of troops, equipment, supplies, mail, weapons, and machinery to ensure they arrive at the correct destination in an orderly and efficient manner. Keeping the military’s supply system operating smoothly is also an important job. The military maintains a large inventory of food, medicines, ammunition, spare parts, and other supplies, which must be ordered, stored, and distributed each day. The lives of combat troops in the field may depend on receiving the right supplies on time. Occupations in this career field focus on the acquisition, allocation, preparation, transport, and storage of the numerous supplies and materials needed to conduct military operations.

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