Careers in this Job Family
Food Service Specialists
Food Service Managers
Recreation, Welfare, and Morale Specialists
Personal and Culinary Services
Photo 1: Recreation director sets up performance. Photo 2: Chef shows off cooking skills.

Whether on a military base, surface ship, or submarine, keeping morale high and providing a variety of nutritious food for the hundreds of thousands of Service members around the world is a crucial role. An interest in the culinary arts or planning events and functions is important for performing the many activities associated with this career field. In addition to operating kitchen and dining facilities or arranging social and recreational events, there are other interesting opportunities associated with this career field, such as preparing a gourmet meal for hundreds of guests at the White House or for dignitaries and other distinguished guests when visiting other countries, or serving as a culinary specialist on a commanding officer’s staff. Occupations in this career field focus on dining, entertainment, recreational activities, and overall morale.

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