Careers in this Job Family
Printing Specialists
Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians
Broadcast Journalists and Newswriters
Graphic Designers and Illustrators
Photographic Specialists
Arts and Media Directors
Music Directors
Public Affairs and Media Relations Officers
Arts, Communications, Media, and Design
Photo 1: Combat photographer eyes his next subject. Photo 2: Graphic artist adds detail to drawing.

The military needs creative, artistic, and talented personnel who can fulfill an array of jobs and duties related to gathering, designing, producing, and presenting ideas and information, or giving live performances. For example, a videographer with a combat photography unit might develop a training video for an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, a photojournalist might capture images of a humanitarian-relief operation in a foreign country, an audiovisual technician might film an important news conference, a graphics designer might create graphics for a high-profile Pentagon presentation or design layouts for a military newspaper or magazine, or a musician might perform at a presidential inauguration or special celebration for foreign dignitaries. Regardless of the specific mission or assignment, the military depends on skilled personnel who can communicate audio, visual, and written information internally and to the public on a daily basis, whether it be in photography, writing, illustration, music, or design. Occupations in this career field focus on how messages in various media are produced, disseminated, and interpreted, as well as the principles and techniques of communicating that information. Also included are the visual and performing arts. 

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