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Intelligence Specialists
Intelligence Officers
Interpreters and Translators
Geospatial Imaging Officers
Geospatial Imaging Specialists
Photo 1: Specialist operates surveillance plane. Photo 2: Officers review intelligence data.

Intelligence is a dynamic and demanding field at the forefront of today’s challenges to national security. Intelligence—the knowledge based on the collection and analysis of an adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and intentions—is an elite community within the military. Collecting, deciphering, and protecting this classified information is essential to military operations and national defense. From detecting enemy radar signals to tracking surface and inbound threats to coding and decoding classified information, personnel in the intelligence field are responsible for handling high-tech classified information. Some of this information may come from foreign language newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts, and transmissions and is important to the nation’s security. Therefore, many members of the military must be able to read and understand the many languages of the world. Occupations in this career field focus on collecting, analyzing, and/or translating information for military missions and national defense.

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