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Cardiopulmonary and EEG Technicians
Dental and Optical Laboratory Technicians
Medical Laboratory Technicians
Pharmacy Technicians
Medical Imaging Technicians
Medical and Clinical Technologists and Technicians
Photo 1: Technician uses an optical calibration machine. Photo 2: Lab technician reviews blood sample.

The military relies on skilled professionals to provide medical support services to ensure that all personnel are healthy and fit for duty. Medical and clinical technologists and technicians receive both formal and hands-on training, and work as part of a patient service team in close contact with doctors, dentists, nurses, surgeons, physical therapists, and other health care providers. These health care specialists perform many different functions, such as determining and monitoring radiation levels for personnel exposed to ionizing radiation, operating diagnostic treatment equipment, such as X-ray, EEG, ultrasound, and breathing or resuscitation machines, performing laboratory tests on tissue and blood samples, preparing and dispensing prescribed medications, making dentures or optical lenses, sterilizing and preparing instruments for surgery, conducting medical research in a laboratory, and maintaining records. Occupations in this career field focus on conducting medical laboratory texts or utilizing medical equipment needed for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. People in these types of occupations generally work in a laboratory or clinical setting and do not interface extensively with patients.

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