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Sample Career Path for Communications Managers
Communications Manager—Mi Sou Hood

Communications Director
15-18 years
Communications directors oversee the communications systems for a large facility or command. They determine the communications needs of large forces and plan the development of the needed systems. Directors also plan and manage the communications budget and workload. They are responsible for briefing top-level military leaders on communications matters.

Communications Staff Officer
9-11 years
Communications staff officers brief senior-level staff on communications and information capabilities. They oversee quality assurance and system security efforts. Communications staff officers also serve as a technical representatives and consultants on communications and information systems matters.

Senior Communications Managers
4 years
Senior communications managers oversee the operations of communications units. They gather functional needs for communications and computer systems and translate these into standard and cost efficient technical requirements. Senior officers also train new officers and assign work to subordinates.

Communications Managers

Communications managers plan, direct and supervise the installation and use of communications equipment and systems. They test, evaluate and accept modifications to existing systems and new equipment. Communications managers also plan, design and manage the integration of diverse types of communications and information systems.

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