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Sample Career Path for Infantry
Infantry — Michael Mead

Company/Battalion Sergeant
17-20 years
Company/battalion sergeants direct the several platoons that make up an infantry company or battalion. They help decide how and when troops and equipment will be used. Company/battalion sergeants supervise the operation of the unit command post and prepare situation briefings, combat orders, and other reports. They also plan and conduct training programs.

Platoon Sergeant
7-8 years
Platoon sergeants supervise platoons, which consist of several squads. They receive and give combat or training exercise orders and help develop battle plans. Sergeants also coordinate the movement of troops, supplies, and weapons.

Squad or Fire Team Leader
3-4 years
Squad or fire team leaders command small groups of soldiers in combat or training exercises. They coordinate the collection of information about the enemy and read maps and photographs taken from aircraft to locate enemy forces. Squad leaders also motivate and give on-the-job training to new troops.


Infantry personnel train and take part in all aspects of combat exercises. They fire and maintain rifles, machine guns, and other weapons. They also drive trucks to transport troops, weapons, and supplies.

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