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Infantry Officer - Wayne Garvey
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Sample Career Path for Infantry Officers
Infantry Officer -- Wayne Garvey

Battalion Commander
15-18 years
Battalion commanders are in charge of a battalion consisting of several companies, usually between 500 and 1,000 men. They plan training exercises or missions and instruct company commanders on mission assignments and objectives. They also coordinate battle plans with other combat, intelligence and support units.

Infantry Staff Officer
9-11 years
Infantry staff officers assist their battalion commander in administration and management duties. They manage a specialized function such as logistics or operations and advise senior commanders on infantry operations and readiness. They may also teach infantry courses.

Company Commander
4 years
Company commanders lead an infantry company consisting of several platoons. They develop and carry out training plans, field exercises, and battle plans to support battalion objectives. They also explain plans and exercises to platoon leaders and assign unit objectives.

Platoon Leader

Platoon leaders train and lead an infantry platoon of 30 to 50 soldiers. They conduct inspections, plan daily conditioning programs, and lead combat exercises. Platoon leaders also direct the care and maintenance of weapons, radios, and other equipment assigned to their unit.

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