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Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist - James DiMarco
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Sample Career Path for Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialists
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist — James DiMarco

Flight Deck Supervisor
19-20 years
Flight deck supervisors plan and direct operation, maintenance, and safety programs for all aspects of carrier launch and recovery work, including crash rescue, damage control, aircraft handling, and aviation fueling. They predict requirements for personnel, equipment, and materials and organize, schedule, and evaluate training programs. Deck supervisors also review the performance of aircraft handling, crash rescue, and damage control crews.

Crew Supervisor
7-8 years
Crew supervisors direct personnel in launch and recovery operations. They oversee equipment inspections, develop schedules for preventive maintenance , and analyze malfunctions to plan corrective action.

Launch and Recovery Specialist
3-4 years
Launch and recovery specialists perform more difficult tasks during operations and maintenance. They perform more complex repairs and prepare weekly preventive maintenance schedules. They are also responsible for inventorying supplies, spare parts, and equipment.

Apprentice Launch and Recovery Specialist

Apprentice launch and recovery specialists work under close supervision. They operate specialized equipment during launch and recovery operations and inspect equipment before and after use. They perform preventive maintenance, and update maintenance records.

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