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Sample Career Path for Air Traffic Controllers
Air Traffic Controller — David Martínez

Facility Supervisor
17-20 years
Facility supervisors are in charge of air traffic operations at an airfield facility. They plan, direct, and organize air traffic control at an airfield. They also inspect airfields and direct air traffic control training programs.

7-11 years
Air traffic supervisors manage the operations of control towers or radar centers. They supervise shifts and brief staff on weather, local field conditions, runways to be used, and other situations affecting aircraft. They coordinate air traffic control with other airfields and inspect runways and airfield facilities.

4-6 years
Controllers take on difficult or emergency duties in addition to normal flight control duties. They conduct instrument flight approaches in bad weather and take radar control of aircraft during emergencies. Controllers also coordinate search and rescue missions with air crews and give on-the-job training to new air traffic controllers

Apprentice Controller

Apprentice controllers work under the direct supervision of an experienced controller. They track air traffic by sight or with radar equipment. Apprentice controllers contact pilots with takeoff, approach, and landing instructions or other vital flight information. They also direct vehicle and aircraft movement on runways and around airfields.

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