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Air Crew Member - Edward Barkley
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Sample Career Path for Air Crew Members
Air Crew Member — Edward Barkley

Air Crew Operations Supervisor
18-21 years
Air crew operations supervisors plan and organize air crew activities and assist in planning in-flight operations and training missions. They conduct mission briefings and prepare operations orders for crew members. Supervisors also inspect and evaluate unit activities, facilities, air crew records, and reports for accuracy and completeness.

Air Crew Leader
6-11 years
Crew leaders plan, schedule, and assign work duties. They also train air crew members, inspect aircraft systems and equipment, and prepare in-flight mission reports and logs.

Air Crew Member

Air crew members operate a variety of systems onboard an aircraft during flight. They are also responsible for pre and post flight duties such as loading and unloading aircraft fuel, cargo, and passengers and performing operational maintenance on specialized aircraft equipment.

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