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Religious Program Specialist - Michael Kowalski

Sample Career Path for Religious Program Specialists
Religious Program Specialist — Michael Kowalski

Chapel Operations Coordinator
16-18 years
Chapel operations coordinators are responsible for religious program activities in subordinate commands. They set goals, objectives, and priorities for religious programs and prepare and conduct command briefings on programs. They coordinate programs with hospitals, welfare agencies, and confinement facilities. Coordinators also develop worship schedules and educational materials.

Chapel Supervisor
6-8 years
Chapel supervisors oversee religious program specialists. They train personnel and assign their duties. Supervisors coordinate recruitment and training of ushers, lay readers, and religious school teachers.

Religious Program Specialist

Religious program specialists assist chaplains in all aspects of their religious and social service duties. They prepare the chapel for religious services or special ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals, and memorial services. They also help recruit and train ushers and religious school teachers.

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