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Food Service Specialist - Dwayne Robinson

Sample Career Path for Food Service Specialists
Food Service Specialist--Dwayne Robinson

Food Service Supervisor 15–21 years
15-21 years
Food service supervisors set food service standards, policies, and work priorities. They prepare standard operating procedures and administrative reports on food service activities. Supervisors plan budgets, monitor food service expenses, and determine personnel, equipment, and food supply needs.

7-13 years
Chefs plan and prepare food menus and recipes. They direct kitchen staff in food preparation and develop work schedules. Chefs determine food and supply needs, and prepare order forms and records. They also conduct training classes and assign trainers to new cooks.


Cooks work under the supervision of experienced chefs. They prepare ingredients and cook basic dishes. Cooks maintain the kitchen and dinning areas in a clean orderly fashion.

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