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Other Career Paths in the Job Family
Public Information Officers

Sample Career Path for Broadcast Journalists and Newswriters
Broadcast Journalist and Newswriter — Casondra Brewster

Public Affairs Coordinator
15-20 years
Public affairs coordinators assist staff officers in directing military public affairs operations. They plan, organize, and direct military news and information operations. They determine training needs and set up public affairs training programs. They also prepare administrative, personnel, and technical reports for officers.

7-8 years
Editors set work priorities and assign personnel to meet news deadlines, review work and give technical assistance. They also coordinate military and civilian news media and, prepare public affairs information. They may teach classes in the principles of journalism and writing styles and techniques

Senior Broadcast Journalist Newswriter
3-5 years
Senior broadcast journalists and newswriters plan and design layouts for newspapers, bulletins, and magazines. They conduct special interviews, news conferences, and tours for civilians. They also edit written material and taped interviews for radio and television.

Broadcast Journalist/Newswriter

Broadcast journalists and newswriters gather information and prepare news features and stories for military and civilian use. They interview individuals and write news stories and editorials. They also select photographs for publications and write captions for the pictures.

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