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Medical Service Technician - Roger Buck
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Sample Career Path for Medical Service Technicians
Medical Service Technician--Roger Buck

Medical Services Coordinator
18-19 years
Medical services coordinators help medical staff plan and direct patient care and treatment. They oversee training, health care, and disaster control programs. Coordinators also recommend ways to improve facility operations and working conditions.

Medical Service Supervisor
8-11 years
Medical service supervisors plan and schedule work, personnel, and training assignments. They inspect medical service operations and write technical, personnel, and patient reports. Supervisors also help select sites and set up field medical facilities.

Medical Service Technician
4-6 years
Medical service technicians treat wounded, injured, or critically ill patients. They perform minor medical procedures, suture wounds, and apply casts to broken limbs. Technicians also prepare patients for surgery and perform preoperative and postoperative care.

Medical Service Aide

Medical service aides are assigned to a medical services unit. They assist in examining and treating patients who have minor injuries or common diseases. They collect blood, cultures, and record test results, patient histories and other basic information. Aides also provide emergency first aid and change bandages and dressings.

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