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Sample Career Path for Radar and Sonar Operators
Radar and Sonar Operator — Juan Delgado

Operations Superintendent
18-21 years
Radar and sonar operations superintendents oversee both the administrative and technical aspects of their units. They inform and advise superiors on the use and capabilities of personnel, equipment, and material. They also assign duty positions and develop and schedule training programs. Superintendents prepare reports, correspondence and technical instructions.

Radar or Sonar Supervisor
8-11 years
Radar or sonar supervisors oversee the operations of ground, airborne, or shipboard radar or sonar units. They also supervise training of personnel who operate, maintain, and repair radar or sonar equipment. Supervisors give technical advice and assistance to operators when needed.

Radar or Sonar Operator
4-6 years
Radar or sonar operators operate radar and sonar computer equipment during complex operations and exercises. They ensure that radar or sonar stations are monitored during watch and rest periods. They also train new operators.

Apprentice Radar or Sonar Operator

Apprentice radar or sonar operators find, classify, and track the movement of airborne, surface, and underwater objects. They also relay information to pilots, gunners, and navigators by internal communications or radio equipment. Apprentice operators keep records on objects identified and perform preventive maintenance on equipment.

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