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Sample Career Path for Electronic Instrument and Equipment Repairers

Electronic Maintenance Superintendent
19-21 years
Electronic maintenance superintendents direct an entire repair facility. They plan for needed personnel, equipment, parts, and supplies. They set up quality control standards and conduct inspections to ensure that guidelines are met. They also write technical and administrative reports and develop training programs.

Shop Supervisor
10-13 years
Shop supervisors oversee an entire repair shop. They coordinate repair and support activities to meet deadlines and develop work assignments. Supervisors give technical guidance to repairers and inspect completed repairs. They also conduct training programs and assign trainers for new repairers.

Senior Repairer
4-8 years
Senior repairers take on the most complex repair jobs. They set up and run electronic testing equipment and machines, align and calibrate (adjust) equipment, and use troubleshooting techniques to find faulty parts or wiring. They also assist repairers with less experience.

Electronic Instrument and Equipment Repairer

Electronic instrument and equipment repairers perform routine maintenance and simple repairs on various types of electronic equipment. They work under close supervision to find, test, and repair faulty parts. Repairers also clean and maintain electronic testing equipment.

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