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Other Career Paths in the Job Family
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Sample Career Path for Construction Specialists
Construction Specialist—Robert Sheipline

Trades Superintendent
19-20 years
Trades superintendents supervise large construction and maintenance units. They plan personnel and equipment needs for construction and repair jobs. Superintendents set work priorities and timetables and direct inspections of completed structures and facilities. They also develop training programs for construction workers and equipment operators

Trades Supervisor
8-12 years
Trades supervisors oversee the work of several construction trades. They coordinate construction and support unit operations. Supervisors help plan construction projects and prepare technical, work progress, and cost reports. They also carry out training programs and assign trainers for new workers.

Crew Leader
4-6 years
Crew leaders oversee teams of construction specialists. They interpret drawings and blueprints to plan and lay out work. Leaders assign jobs to specialists and keep records of the time and materials spent on projects. They also train new construction specialists.

Construction Specialist

Construction specialists work under close supervision in construction and maintenance units. They repair or build structures. They also repair and install indoor fixtures such as doors, windows, cabinets, locks and doorknobs.

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