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Other Career Paths in the Job Family
Broadcast Journalists and Newswriters

Sample Career Path for Public Information Officers
Public Information Officer-- Francisco Hamm

Public Information Director
15-18 years
Public information directors oversee the public affairs efforts of a large facility or command. They determine the public and media relations needs of their command. Directors also plan and manage the public information budget and workload. They are responsible for briefing top-level military leaders on public affairs matters.

Public Information Staff Officer
9-11 years
Public information staff officers advise senior-level staff on public affairs issues and capabilities. They oversee public information groups and implement national policies on public access to information.

Senior Public Information Officers
4 years
Senior public information officers lead local public relations or broadcasting units. They coordinate access to military personnel by the news media and produce television segments for local and military-wide use. Senior public information officers also analyze public and internal attitudes and implement programs to improve moral.

Public Information Officers

Public information officers respond to requests for information on the armed forces from the news media, public and military personnel and their families. They provide information on training exercises, military engagements and events taking place at military facilities to interested parties.

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