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Training and Education Director - Barry Forsythe

Sample Career Path for Training and Education Directors
Training and Education Director — Barry Forsythe

Training and Education Administrators
15-18 years
Training and education directors oversee educational programs and administrative functions at military training facilities and service schools, colleges, and academies. They manage the development of curriculum, and they set examination and grading standards. Directors administer activities involving scheduling, discipline, enrollment, and budget matters. They are responsible for briefing senior military and civilian leaders on training or education efforts.

Training and Education Staff Officers
9-11 years
Training and education staff officers establish training objectives and manage the development of coursework, educational project outlines, and lesson plans. They may conduct research to develop new programs. Staff officers also oversee instructor training programs.

Senior Training and Education Officers
4 years
Senior training and education officers coordinate training programs in addition to developing and teaching their own courses. They consult with education and training officers on texts, project training outlines, entrance requirements, and test procedures. They also oversee preparation of coursework and training manuals. Senior instructors advise education and training staff officers on the revision of coursework and standards.

Training and Education Officers

Training and education officers teach personnel in a wide variety of subjects. They organize and prepare instructional materials, training project outlines, and daily and weekly lesson plans. Instructors prepare assignments, laboratory exercises, and demonstrations. They administer and grade examinations and test.

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