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Sample Career Path for Finance and Accounting Managers

Finance and Accounting Director
15-18 years
Finance and accounting directors oversee the finance and accounting functions of a large facility or command. They determine the financial needs of their command. Directors also plan and manage the workload of finance and accounting units and ensure proper use of funds. They are responsible for briefing military and civilian leaders on budget matters.

Finance and Accounting Staff Officer
9-11 years
Finance and accounting staff officers advise senior- level staff on finance and budget matters. They review and analyze the financial needs of commands and coordinate proposals among multiple commands. They oversee comprehensive internal control and audit programs.

Senior Finance and Accounting Officers
4 years
Senior finance and accounting officers plan, develop, and coordinate budgets for their unit or command. They advise local commanders on financial and budget matters. Senior finance and accounting officers review budget reports and requests from subordinate units. They also train new officers in budget management procedures.

Finance and Accounting Officers

Finance and accounting officers control the flow of funds within the armed forces. They monitor budgets and disburse funds. They also oversee internal controls to ensure proper use of funds.

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