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Sample Career Path for Special Forces
Special Forces -- Thomas Wilson

Special Forces Coordinator
15-20 years
Special operations coordinators plan and coordinate multi-team operations and training courses. They advise special forces commanders on planning missions and assign missions to specific teams. Coordinators also develop and evaluate new procedures and techniques.

Team Leader
6-8 years
Special forces team leaders plan and lead sabotage and combat raids, air rescue, air delivery, and other operations. They train team members in communications, combat tactics, and intelligence gathering. Team leaders collect, interpret, and distribute intelligence information and assign specific mission tasks to team members.

Team Member

Special forces team members are assigned to small elite units where they continually train to improve their special skills. They go on reconnaissance (scouting) missions to identify terrain features and spot enemy troop and gun positions. Special forces teams also carry out rescue and recovery operations for stranded or trapped service personnel. They give regular and emergency medical treatment in the field.

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