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Administrative Support Specialist - Erika Waggoner

Sample Career Path for Administrative Support Specialists
Administrative Support Specialist—Erika Waggoner

Office Manager
17-19 years
Office managers supervise consolidated office facilities or serve as senior supervisors at command or staff headquarters. They plan and control administrative support activities and may recommend and implement new office procedures. Managers also develop operating budgets and track expenses.

Clerical Supervisor
9-12 years
Clerical supervisors oversee one or more administrative support sections. They prepare directives, job descriptions, and standard operating procedures. Supervisors divide the work load among personnel and train new clerks. They also handle and safeguard classified documents.

Administrative Technician
4-6 years
Administrative technicians perform clerical duties and give technical assistance to administrative clerks. Technicians maintain different types of records and files, compose correspondence, and handle dictation needs. They also proofread documents and make necessary corrections.

Administrative Clerk

Administrative clerks perform a variety of clerical duties in support of office operations. They may perform receptionist duties, handle mail, and generate documents and correspondence. They perform other office support functions under the direction of administrative technicians and clerical supervisors.

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