Job Family: Transportation, Supply, and Logistics Petroleum Supply Specialists
Services Offering this Occupation
Army  | Navy  | Air Force  | Marine Corps  | National Guard

Supplemental Information
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Photo 1: Specialist pulls hose to fueling point. Photo 2:
Specialist monitors refueling of transport plane.

Michael Wulf
Occupation: Petroleum Supply Specialist

I went to college right after high school and then decided to become a law enforcement officer, like my father. He said I needed milita…

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Short Description
Ships, airplanes, trucks, tanks, and other military vehicles require large amounts of fuel and lubricants. These and other petroleum products require special storage and handling. Petroleum supply specialists store, handle, and ship petroleum products, such as oil, fuel, compressed gas, and lubricants.

What They Do
Petroleum supply specialists in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Connect hoses and valves and operate pumps to load petroleum products into tanker trucks, airplanes, ships, and railroad cars
  • Test oils and fuels for pollutants
  • Repair pipeline systems, hoses, valves, and pumps
  • Check the volume and temperature of petroleum and gases in tankers, barges, and storage tanks
  • Prepare storage and shipping records
  • Store and move packaged petroleum products using forklifts

Helpful Attributes
Helpful school subjects include shop mechanics and business math. Helpful attributes include:
  • Ability to follow spoken instructions
  • Interest in working with machines and equipment
  • Preference for physical work

Training Provided
Job training consists of classroom instruction, including practice in using petroleum pumping equipment. Further training occurs on the job and through advanced courses. Course content typically includes:
  • Testing oil and fuels
  • Operating airplane refueling systems and equipment
  • Operating pumps, pipelines, and tanker equipment
  • Planning and scheduling petroleum transport
  • Safety regulations and procedures for handling dangerous materials

Work Environment
Petroleum supply specialists work outdoors in all types of weather while filling storage tanks and refueling airplanes, ships, and tankers.

Civilian Counterparts
Civilian petroleum supply specialists work for oil refineries, pipeline companies, and tanker truck and ship lines. They may also refuel airplanes at large airports. They perform many of the same duties as military petroleum supply specialists.

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