Job Family: Mechanic and Repair Technologists and Technicians Power Plant Electricians
Services Offering this Occupation
Army  | Navy  | National Guard

Photo 1: Electricians inspect electrical power feeds. Photo 2: Electrician fixes propeller.

Short Description
Each military base – anywhere in the world – must have its own electricity. Power plant electricians maintain and repair electricity generating equipment in mobile and stationary power plants.

What They Do
Power plant electricians perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Maintain and repair motors, generators, switchboards, and control equipment
  • Maintain and repair power and lighting circuits, electrical fixtures, and other electrical equipment
  • Detect and locate grounds, open circuits, and short circuits in power distribution cables
  • Read technical guides and diagrams to locate damaged parts of generators and control equipment

Helpful Attributes
Helpful school subjects include electrical and electronic theory, math, and technical drawing. Helpful attributes include:
  • Ability to use hand and power tools
  • Interest in electricity
  • Interest in working with machinery

Training Provided
Job training consists of classroom instruction, including practice in maintaining electrical power systems. Course length varies depending on specialty. Further training occurs on the job and through advanced courses. Course content typically includes:
  • Generator and power plant operations
  • Electrical generation and distribution
  • Diesel generator operation, disassembly, inspection, and maintenance
  • Principles of electrical and electronic circuitry

Work Environment
Power plant electricians work in repair shops on land, aboard ships, or wherever generating equipment needing repair is located.

Civilian Counterparts
Civilian power plant electricians often work for construction companies, manufacturers, and utility companies. They perform duties similar to military power plant electricians.

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